Welcome to our family's Haiti happenings!

"Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell
in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee
the desires of thine heart.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and
he shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:3-5

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Amazing Team from Campus Crusade for Christ, UF Mar. 5-7, 2012

 To my faithful bloggers! HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! A Great Missionary to Ireland!  Hope you have a good one!!

And to those who have birthdays today;  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  YOURS TRULY, LOVE,  JOHANNAH

These are pictures from our amazing team last week!!!

Tyler painting our roof.
Chris, Kerstin and KellyAnne painting another part of our roof!

Team Leader Chris with some Great painters on the roof!

Carisa,  Zoe & Jeremy painting on the roof too!!

Our beautiful, finished roof!

Anthony, Zoe and Julia taking a break
after working in the hot, hot sun on the roof!

Carisa, Jessica, Ashley, Kelly, Megan and Amy, painting the garage!

Amazing workers!

Working on painting the outside of the house!

Beautiful job guys!

Some awesome workers!

Anthony, Jessica and Ashley  painted the inside of this area,
except the rough wall, on right! 

Pat, Julia and Zoe working on trim!

 Zoe and Tyler painting one of the garage gate doors!

Chris and I painting the other door!

Amy, Carly, Carisa, and I working on the side of the house!

Carisa and I!!

Amy and Andrew painting the ceiling of the
outside roof over the walkway!

Anthony, me, KellyAnne , and Kerstin working on the trim of the roof!

 Megan, Carisa and Chris working on the back of the house!

More coming to help finish the back side of the house!

Working hard!!

Half of our amazing team from Campus Crusade for Christ, UF!!

Andrew, Eric and Tyler  working on the frame for
our sidewalk so that they can pour the cement!!

Getting rock and sand to mix cement!

A view from the roof  (where I was working)
 part of the sidewalk ready to be poured!

Andrew, Conner, and Eric mixing cement!

Eric trolling, Andrew and Tyler mixing!

Our amazing "Crete Crew"!! Great Job Ya'll!!

Eric and Tyler trolling the last section!

 Doing touch ups!

Eric was the leader of the "Crete Crew"!
Here he is with his beautiful  Workmanship!
Thanks, Eric!!

Putting their names in the cement; so that we won't forget them!

All the names written in concrete!

Kelly playing with Jason and Maurice!!

 Carly, Kelly, and  Kerstin  playing with Maurice!

Julia, Kelly, and Zoe loving on Jason!

Ashley loving on Caleb!

Andrew, Tyler and Anthony made a soccer goal out of PVC
pipe for one of the other orphanages that they were helping, too!

Megan, Jessica, KellyAnne, Kerstin, Kelly, Zoe, Carisa & Julia!

Patrick, Conner, Eric and Andrew singing
"When Peace like a River"!

Conner and Kelly possing for me!lol

Kerstin, KellyAnne,  Chris, Jessica and Amy
With some of the diapers and other things that the team blessed us with!!
Thanks ya'll so much!!!

Preparing to leave one day; hey rented a tap-tap!!

Making Friends, Living Dreams. & Creating Memories!

Our Newly painted "mansion"!!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wish, Jo! That was really sweet of you! =)
    Looks like that team got a lot done! Loved seeing all the pictures!
    Love and MISS y'all TONS!

  2. What a beautiful house! What a blessing to have such great help and fellowship all at the same time! Be blessed, Jo...


  3. Thanks, Johannah. :) Yeah, that looks really good! And it looks like you all had fun while doing it. :D

  4. Oh, you guys did an amazing job! I like what you did to the roof. White paint will definitely help the house cool down inside because the color will reflect the sunlight away from the house. Things can really get accomplished when you are with people who are willing to dedicate their time to help others. Great job!
    Herb Koguchi